Kapri Bibbs trying to stick with Denver Broncos as undrafted rookie RB


Before the Broncos determine whether to save Kapri Bibbs a roster spot, the undrafted running back must first save his position. Running the ball in the NFL has become what home phones are to communication. You still see it. Just not as much.
“That’s a horrible turn,” Bibbs said at the Broncos’ rookie minicamp. “I’m used to running backs controlling the game. If you can hand off the ball and get those sure yards, you can dictate the game. You put the ball in the air and anything can happen. I always thought running the ball was a great thing. I guess somewhere along the line, people disagree with that.”
When Bibbs left Colorado State after playing only one season with the Rams, the plan was to get selected in the fifth, sixth or seventh round during the May 8-10 draft.