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Here’s your checklist for spring cleaning your garden

Outlet: Denver Post

Denver Post: Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, professor and Extension Specialist at Colorado State University, said, “there may be some pupae (chrysalids) of some butterflies somewhere, but they would be on some solid surface — rock, side of a building, base of …

A class act: CSU ag professor keeps it real

Outlet: Fence Post

Fence Post: Dr. Samantha Cunningham knows she’s sitting on a gold mine. As an assistant professor and instructor in the Department of Animal Science at Colorado State University, she’s teaching more than anatomy and physiology.

New technique to test for viral infections

Outlet: Science Daily

Science Daily: A team of Colorado State University researchers has developed technology that can detect extremely small amounts of antibodies in a person’s blood. Antibodies develop to infect cells or kill pathogens, essentially fighting off a bacteria or virus. The …