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House Judiciary Committee approves bill allowing concealed carry on campuses.

Outlet: Montana Free Press

January 14, 2021

Montana Free Press: Among the opponents was Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education Kevin McRae, who noted that schools such as Idaho State University and Colorado State University that have experimented with guns on campus have subsequently experienced incidents of accidental shootings …

Israeli’s anti-virus spray to begin UK clinical trials this week

Outlet: Jewish News

January 14, 2021

Jewish News: Rodent studies performed at Colorado State University showed an average of over 95% reduction in SARS-CoV-2 viral load tested on the day following infection with half the rodents having no detectable virus at all.

Study: Wildfires produced up to half of pollution in US West

Outlet: Star Herald

January 14, 2021

Star Herald: Mickley and researchers from Colorado State University also cautioned that fires can vary significantly from year to year because of weather changes, making it hard to identify trends over relatively short periods such as the decade examined in …

These Snakes Found a New Way to Slither

Outlet: New York Times

January 14, 2021

New York Times: Dr. Seibert, a professor emeritus at Colorado State University, and his colleague Martin Kastner, also a biologist, made the discovery while reviewing time-lapsed infrared footage of the snake pit.