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2021 Neediest Cities

Outlet: WalletHub

January 08, 2021

WalletHub: The multiple challenges low-income families face are a direct result of insufficient resources to meet basic human needs and the attendant chronic stress that results. -Elizabeth Kiehne – Ph.D., MSW, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work and David Macphee …

Is sitting all day bad for the mind?

Outlet: Inverse

January 08, 2021

Inverse: “There’s this big push within health and wellness that sitting is always bad for your body, that being a couch potato is not good,” study co-author Aga Burzynska says. Burzynska is a professor in the Colorado State University Department …

5 trends fueling food and beverage innovation in 2021

Outlet: Food Dive

January 08, 2021

Food Dive: Keith Belk, head of Colorado State University’s animal sciences department, said there’s been a “huge increase” in the rate of development of those technologies, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Twenty Weather Occurrences That Could Have Only Happened in 2020

Outlet: The Weather Channel

January 08, 2021

The Weather Channel: This “five-at-once” scenario had happened only once before in the Atlantic Basin, in mid-September 1971, according to Phil Klotzbach, a tropical scientist at Colorado State University.

Soaring Through Smoke Could Change Climate Models

Outlet: Wyoming Public Radio

January 08, 2021

Wyoming Public Radio: The Western Wildfire Experiment for Cloud Chemistry, Aerosol Absorption and Nitrogen (WE-CAN) field campaign started in 2018 when UW researchers joined others from the University of Washington, Colorado State University (CSU), University of Montana, and the National Center …