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Special satellite filter pinpoints source of Front Range haze UP NEXT: 03:24 Monday Hurricane Irma update WATCHED BY of viewers like you Fires cause state of emergency in Montana WATCHED BY of viewers like you

Outlet: Channel 9 (Denver)

Channel 9 (Denver): A special filter on the GOES 16 satellite, provided by Colorado State University, showed all the fires burning in western Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. There is also smoke from the California fires looping around the air …

Marijuana treatments, drug monitoring programs discussed

Outlet: Colorado Veterinary Medicine Association

Colorado Veterinary Medicine Association: That said, Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is conducting two clinical trials examining the efficacy of cannabidiol, a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, one involving treatment of osteoarthritis and the other involving treatment of …

CSU Unveils New Stadium

Outlet: Pollstar

Pollstar: Colorado State University played its first football home game of 2017 truly “at home” with the debut of a $220 million on-campus stadium Aug. 26 in Fort Collins.

Horse & Dragon brews Temple Grandin beer

Outlet: Coloradoan

Coloradoan: Fort Collins craft brewery Horse & Dragon Brewing created a caramel cream ale called Temple’s Grand Ale in honor of the Colorado State University professor and known for her work with the livestock industry and autism advocacy.