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Food Diaries: How Your Daily Diet Is Affecting Your Body

Outlet: 5280

January 08, 2021

5280: Ever wonder what a medical professional would say if you were actually honest about how many beers you had per week—or how few vegetables? To find out, I tracked my diet for a workweek and asked Shelby Cox, director of …

CSU report finds states enacted more than 3,500 energy bills between 2013-2019

Outlet: Colorado Politics

January 08, 2021

Colorado Politics: A new report from the Colorado State University’s Center for the New Energy Economy has found that shifts in public opinion about the climate as well as changes within energy markets have influenced state legislatures’ energy policies since 2013.

Farewell, Alex: Our Favorite ‘Jeopardy!’ Weather Clues of All-Time

Outlet: The Weather Channel

January 08, 2021

The Weather Channel: “I tried out for the show and got the call in 2003 while I was a graduate student at CSU,” wrote Russ Schumacher, also an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, in …

Has the pandemic changed Colorado education forever? Experts hope so.

Outlet: Denver Post

January 08, 2021

Denver Post: “There can be a compromise between a fully online model and an on-campus, always live model,” said Joyce McConnell, Colorado State University president. “Some information can be delivered very well remotely, so that it frees up opportunities to do …

When Wildfire Burns A High Mountain Forest, What Happens To The Snow?

Outlet: Nevada Public Radio

January 08, 2021

Nevada Public Radio: On a sunny winter morning, a team of researchers led by Colorado State University hydrologist Stephanie Kampf roamed through the steep drainage of Tunnel Creek, a tributary to the Poudre River. Much of the creek burned this summer …