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CSU officials announce new First Amendment website

Outlet: Collegian

Collegian: Colorado State University Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda and Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes announced a new website aimed at addressing the issues of the First Amendment and free speech in higher education in an …

In the Arctic, More Rain May Mean Fewer Musk Oxen

Outlet: New York Times

New York Times: “Here is the largest land mammal of the polar zones, but we hardly know anything about musk oxen,” said Joel Berger, a wildlife biologist at Colorado State University and a senior scientist at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Amoebae Give Black Death Bacteria a Safe Place to Hide

Outlet: Live Science

Live Science: “The bacteria were not just hanging out, but they were surviving and actually quite happy inside the amoebae, and replicating,” study lead researcher David Markman, a graduate student of biology at Colorado State University, said in a statement. …