CSU’s Department of Public Relations is dedicated to communicating information about the university to both internal and external audiences. We use a range of media, community relations and new media tactics to communicate with a variety of audiences.

Media Relations

The Public Relations team works to garner widespread media coverage with news stories, features and opinion pieces locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We do that in many ways:

  • External Publicity — Develop and distribute press releases, media tip sheets, feature stories, story ideas, op-ed pieces, public service announcements, news advisories and calendar items to effectively promote newsworthy university administration, programs, awards, events, research, faculty and students.
  • Internal Publicity — Promote department events, awards, research and other news throughout the university community through SOURCE and other online and print media.
  • Manage Media Inquiries — Reporters contact this office for information relative to topics of expertise, or for experts to interview. This office manages this process, contacts experts to determine the appropriate response, and arranges interviews.
  • Media Training — Media Relations staff provide opportunities to train faculty members to work with the media. Training includes interviewing tips, understanding reporters’ needs, and what makes a story newsworthy.
  • Experts Guides/Promotion — To enhance Colorado State’s visibility in local, regional and national media, this office creates and contributes to experts guides used by thousands of journalists nationwide.

This office actively participates with and within the community to maintain and enhance the university’s relationship with the local community. We do this in part by promoting, publicizing and supporting events and activities that benefit the Colorado activities that benefit the campus and local community such as:

  • President’s Fall Address and Picnic
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Monfort Lecture Series
  • Community Homecoming
  • Ag Day

Social Media

Although traditional media remain an important part of communicating key messages, Public Relations is at the forefront of exploring new ways of communicating with journalists and key publics within the growing social media online network. As more people turn to the Web and citizen journalism for news, Public Relations is participating in the social media network which allows for direct interaction with key audiences. CSU’s Social Media Team has won regional and national  awards, including a Webby, for cutting-edge work. Just a few of the platforms the team populates include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Social – a Best Practice Blog

News Tips

The Public Relations staff is here to help the campus community let others know about the exceptional work being done at the university. If you have a news tip, please contact us. Our office is also interested in receiving information about upcoming university events, journal publications, and honorable awards — please let us know.