Mike HookerMike Hooker
Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Colorado State University
0150 Campus Delivery (301 Administration)
Fort Collins, CO 80523-0150
Office: (970) 491-1545
E-mail: mike.hooker@colostate.edu



Denver Public Relations

Tiana NelsonTiana Nelson

Director, Denver Public Relations and Outreach
Denver: (303) 376-2613
Mobile: (970) 420-3316
Campus: (970) 497-3613
E-mail: Christiana.Nelson@colostate.edu




Media Relations

Dell Rae Ciaravola

Subject areas: VP of Operations (Environmental Health Services, CSU Parking and Transportation, construction/road changes, facilities), CSU Crisis/Risk/Safety/Communications, CSU Police Department, Human Resources
Senior Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-6009
E-mail: Dellrae.Ciaravola@colostate.edu

Jenny DimasJennifer Dimas

Subject areas: College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Business, Extension and Engagement, Enrollment and Access
Senior Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-1543
E-mail: Jennifer.Dimas@colostate.edu





Jeff DodgeJeff Dodge

Subject areas: College of Health and Human Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, School of Public Health
Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-4251
E-mail: Jeff.Dodge@colostate.edu





Mary GuidenMary Guiden

Subject areas: College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences, Warner College of Natural Resources, School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-6892
E-mail: Mary.Guiden@colostate.edu





Kate JerackiKate Jeracki

Subject areas: Division of Student Affairs, Vice President for Diversity, International Programs/INTO, Vice Provosts, The Institute for Learning and Teaching, Libraries, Campus Computing, SOURCE editor, CSU Life for Faculty and Staff advisor
Editor and Content Manager
Office: (970) 491-2658
E-mail: Kate.Jeracki@colostate.edu





Anne ManningAnne Ju Manning

Subject areas: College of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, Energy Institute, Vice President for Research
Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-7099
E-mail: Anne.Manning@colostate.edu





Tony PhiferTony Phifer

Subject areas: CSU Athletics, Office of Advancement, Veterans, Alumni, University Center for the Arts
Communications Coordinator
Office: (970) 491-7712
E-mail: Tony.Phifer@colostate.edu