Topic: Agriculture


Noa Roman-Muniz

Dr. Roman-Muniz focuses on animal health and well-being, dairy worker training, labor management, and human safety and health on livestock operations.

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John Sheehan

Sheehan focuses on biofuels, modeling of sustainable agriculture, life cycle assessment, and issues related to sustainable land use and sustainable development.

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Dawn Thilmany

Thilmany is the outreach coordinator for Extension Economist-Labor and Agribusiness Management. Her research focuses on firm-, community- and sector-level implications of local, organic and other value-added food differentiation.

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Diana Wall

Diana Wall is a University Distinguished Professor and the director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability. Her research focuses on how soil biodiversity contributes to healthy, productive soils and thus benefits society, and the consequences of human activity on soil sustainability.

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Matthew Wallenstein

Wallenstein is a soil microbial ecologist who studies how microbes drive nutrient cycling, soil formation and decomposition, and affect crop health and productivity.

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