Topic: Psychology


Silvia Canetto

Canetto focuses on diversity issues in suicidal behaviors and hastened death, aging and end-of-life, as well as cultural norms, stereotypes and narratives of men’s and women’s interest, persistence and success in STEM fields.

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Anne Cleary

Cleary researches human memory; specifically, people’s ability to show memory when they experience retrieval failure. Among her interests are déjà vu, familiarity, tip-of-the-tongue experiences, and the science of learning.

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Bryan Dik

Dik focuses on vocational psychology — a sense of calling in the work role; meaning, purpose, religion and spirituality in career development; vocational interest measurement; and computer-assisted career development interventions.

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Jennifer Harman

Harman researches intimate relationships, power and aggression, particularly in relationships that have dissolved and parental alienation following divorce.

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Michael Steger

Steger focuses on understanding well-being and meaning in life; psychological predictors of physical health and health-risk behaviors; and facilitators and benefits of engaging in meaningful work.

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Jessica Witt

Witt researches action-specific perception, perception of spatial layout, perception and action relationships, and embodied perception and cognition.

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