Our production team creates award-winning video programs that have been used in the classroom, in the boardroom, and on network television. Concept development, location shooting, editing, and post-production services are available through our office.

The team also creates and distributes the University’s 30-second halftime spot for televised athletic events and other promotional videos for recruiting. Videos are filmed in digital format that can be converted for Web use.

Production Services

  • Promotional and recruitment
  • Educational materials and training aids
  • Television advertising spots and news
  • Television program production
  • Special event presentations
  • Web and multimedia

Contact Us

Ron Bend
Video Producer
Office: (970) 491-2912
E-mail: Ron.Bend@ColoState.edu

Jason Russell
Video Producer
Office: (970) 491-6650
E-mail: jason.russell@colostate.edu